It's hard to control frizz. Sure, gels or sprays can work. But then you end up with stiff strands. This hair oil will not only smooth any existing frizz, but also protect from future frizz.No wonder they call this oil "liquid gold!" Argan oil is not as greasy as coconut oil, so it's perfect for more frequent use, or as a finishing oil after you'… Read More

You’ll also find that there’s no silicone rein this formula, so just a few drops are all it takes to revive dull, tangled strands.If your scalp usually gets oily, apply coconut oil to your hair from the mid-shaft to ends, excluding the roots. If your scalp is dry, apply onto the scalp as well. Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, we… Read More

PSA: Hair oils aren't just for dry hair that's thick or curly. Even the finest of hair can benefit from using a hair oil rein their routine. Seriously, ever since I started using one, my fine-ass hair has never looked healthier or shinier.But make sure your hair is clean before you use it. “Avoid using oils on dirty hair when using hot tools, bec… Read More

The perfect hair oil for your hair Durchschuss can help tackle frizz and flyaways, repair damage from heat or bleach, and add shine and moisture without leaving your hair looking like a greasy mess. Literally whatever hair issue you have, there's an oil that can fix it. Keep reading for the best 10 hair oils for every hair type and texture.Greasy h… Read More

If you have fine hair that quickly falls flat or gets greasy, adding a hair to your routine prob sounds counterintuitive. But listen, it's crucial for replenishing then shine you lose from using dry shampoo and texturizing products on the reg. Try this lightweight oil spray, which give fine hair shine and hydration minus the heaviness. “Si… Read More